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    Currents refers to a movement or power made up of numerous small parts.  This may mean ocean currents, air currents or in this case the power of people in conjunction with the place in which they reside.  I used Seoul as a model to personally explore the idiosyncrasies of place. I am fascinated by the creation of a space shared by such a large number of people. It is done incrementally, consciously and unconsciously. It is done by committee with a clear reasoning, and it is done by individuals driven by solely self-serving ends. People pour their energy and creativity into a place and it becomes a force of its own. It then actively collaborates with residents and visitors alike in its continued growth and evolution. I am interested in how humans deal individually with an environment built by millions. This theme is explored personally as I take part in this unification of individual with environment.

    The spaces and scenes I have chosen to include in this series depict what I consider crossroads. Simply put they are photographs of public space and document the interchange between humans the spaces we build and subsequently inhabit.  They are places whose idiosyncrasies are related to and contingent upon them being public spaces, constantly under the influence of the whims of the people who occupy them.  The resulting images depict the discord and stasis inherent in the human-made environment.

    Our surroundings, while often seemingly stagnate, are in constant flux, constantly being altered by use. The vast majority of theses changes are done unconsciously; lending character to a place that seems to be innate.  This vision of public space is the theoretical underpinning of the Currents series and had direct bearing on my overall approach to the work as well as the specific images I captured.

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